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Paula’s Blog

Hello Damion,  I don’t ever find a need to see Dave.  He has given me no reason to hate him, or no reason to want to stay chummy either.  He’s out there living his life, and as long as he does that, I do not have to deal with him and my life will run as normal as it can be.  Thanks for reading my story.

103 Responses to “Paula’s Blog”

  • Alex:

    Dear Paula,

    I’m glad that we all got to listen to your life story. Because now I think I realize how great I have it! But I was wondering how you feel when you are asked about your real mom or dad. Do you feel sad? Please write back.

    Your Friend,

  • Katniss:

    Dear Paula,
    I’m so glad that you could come to our school and talk about your life! It was really nice you could tells us our story. I am so grateful that I have parents who take care of me and my siblings. And that I have a family who loves me. I wonder what really happened to the janitor who joined you and your sisters together? I think it was so mysterious when you went back to your school there wasn’t any record of this man. thanks for coming to our school and telling us about your inspiring story!
    Your friend,

  • lulu:

    Hello Paula,
    Your dad reminds me of my mom’s mom. When my mom was little, her mom got married to a man that had a little girl,about my mom’s age. I think
    Lisa was her name. My mom shared a room with her. The room was the size of a bathroom. When Lisa came in the room, she said,” Wow! my wardrobe just got bigger!” Then my mom said, ” cool! so did mine!” Lisa said, ” I don’t think so.” It’s sad how kids can’t get their way. Some times they’re right.

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