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Paula Kyle Stephens

Paula was born at Camp Pendleton in San Diego California on January 1, 1961 the oldest daughter of a large blended military family.  In the early years she and her siblings were shuffled from one military base to another and finally to a base located in Germany.  While in Europe at the mere age of eleven she lost her mother to substance abuse and mental illness.  Shortly after losing her mother she returned to the United States and the Knox County Ohio area.

As Paula and her siblings began to settle in Knox County, her life would once again take a drastic turn.  As she stepped off her school bus one afternoon with her sisters, she discovered that there were three separate case workers waiting to shuffle them to three separate foster homes.  Paula would begin her journey within the foster care system by moving in and out of seven different foster homes in the first year.  This was despite her attempts to find solace and reunite with her siblings.

In 1986 Paula began writing her memoir about her turbulent beginnings. She speaks candidly about her experiences in the foster care system and how caregiver’s actions and words can helpfully or harmfully affect the children they care for.  Her mission in writing was to give other less fortunate children hope and strength and to not allow their adversities to follow them into adulthood.  Her memoir is her gift to these children.

Paula is the founder of “Edge of Unthinkable, LLC.”  Focusing on foster care issues, she is a consultant, a key note speaker, a youth motivational speaker, and a trainer.  She speaks at conferences and training events. As well, she is a consultant in foster care training centers, treatment centers, detention centers, youth prison systems, groups of foster parents, churches, psychology classes within the schools, and colleges.  Her book has become a mandatory read at high school and college levels.  Paula has been the key note speaker and has delivered trainings in Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania.   She has regular speaking events within many schools, including Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and she makes her book available at all engagements.

Paula is a board member of the Ohio Family Care Association and a Trainer with the Ohio Child Welfare Regional Training Centers.  She is also in the final stages of receiving her Foster Parent Certification.

In addition to all of the above she co-founded and is Vice-President of “Paradise in the Sky – Youth Motivational Services, Inc.”   This is a 501c3 Non-Profit facility that provides an outdoor opportunity for youth of all diversities and challenges, endeavors to unlock their potential, and promotes teaching of leadership skills with a focus on ethical decision making.  This outside facility provides affordable educational and recreational activities in a safe, clean, and inviting environment.  The Mission Statement is, “We provide outdoor activities to empower and motivate challenged youth by promoting respect for all cultural diversity through outdoor recreational and educational opportunities to unlock each youth’s potential for future success.”

Presently, Paula enjoys life with her husband, Richard Stephens, her two grown children, as well as three step sons and three grandchildren.  Her memoir On the Edge of Unthinkable has been screen written and is being introduced to production companies.