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I offer you this three generation memoir and describe my journey in  the foster care system starting in 1974 when me and my two sisters were abruptly taken from our family and unceremoniously deposited in three separate foster homes.

It then chronicles the circumstances leading up to that moment and how some very special people helped me cope.  You will meet Judith Goodhand, Director of Knox County, Ohio, Children’s Services without whom I would have fallen off the edge.  Also, my amazing seventh set of foster parents.  Throughout my journey, I discover the fate of my real parents, the true relationship of “Dad”, the abuse my twin sisters experienced being left behind with dad, and later, the ramifications my childhood had on my adult psyche and how it affected relationships for years to come, and that of my own children.

My brother Rick, my daughter and my foster father help tell the story from their perspectives.  They spare no truth, and are strong in their affirmation that it really is possible to change the lives of children who have fallen through the cracks of the foster care system.  This memoir clearly demonstrates that it truly does take a community to raise a child.